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Engineering Services

Clocktower Engineering provides physics, engineering, and validation services that others can't. We are used by NASDAQ 100 firms as well as by startups, and we are certain our services can scale to your needs.

We offer accelerator and plasma system design services, robotics and control services, and medical and other regulated industry technical verification and validation services.

We'd love to talk to you about your pain points and how you might be able to solve them.

Services : Services

Accelerator and Plasma Design

The principals of Clocktower Engineering have lead the design, build, and commissioning of a number of DC accelerator and ion implanter systems (singletrons, tandetrons, etc) as well as a number of AC and pulsed accelerator systems (synchrotron, RFQ, LINACs, Plasma Immersion Ion Implanter/Plasma Doping). We also have a deep background and understanding of plasma generation, shaping, and metrology.

Robotics and Controls Design and Integration

Clocktower Engineering has extensive experience in the design, integration, and commissioning of high speed, high reliability motion control and control systems. Specific experience within the semiconductor automation and drone industries. Well versed in various centralized and distributed architectures (TANGO,Turbo/Power PMAC, EtherCAT, CAN, PROFIBUS) as well as integration and synchronisation of higher level control systems.


Medical technical Verification and Validation

Clocktower Engineering understands medical and military regulatory requirements and has lead the technical V&V on a number of programs. Whether you need a test protocol authored or expert review of documentation, all the way to a complete risk analysis, FMEA, requirements and V&V cycle under your QMS, we fit your needs. We're well versed in 820 CFR/ISO13485, ISO14971, ISO60601, ISO62304, MIL810, and a number of other specific technical standards such as EN13849.

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