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Clockmaker is Clocktower Engineering's HMI/SCADA/Machine Control platform. Based on TANGO, it controls all Clocktower products. Each product can scale from a standalone unit to an integrated part of a machine control system. Almost every I/O interface under the sun can be integrated into the Clockmaker platform with extremely low code overhead and extremely high I/O throughput, and many hardware control system interfaces are supported natively. Sequencing, experiment, and batch control are easily supported, even simultaneously. Drag and drop HMIs can be easily created to allow you to control your machinery. Data historian, archiving, and aggregation is built in, along with real-time data readbacks. Best of all, there's no license fee for the software. Solve your controls problems like clockwork with Clockmaker.


Examples of supported hardware interfaces include:


- CANOpen

- Modbus TCP

- EthernetIP

- Telnet

- RS232

- RS485




Example custom interfaces to third party hardware include but are not limited to:


- MKS™ RS232/RS485

- Sens4™ RS232/RS485
- Copley™ by Analogic™  motion control products , including all CME compatible drives

- Labjack™ U3, U6, T7

- Advanced Energy™ RF generators, RF matches, and power supplies, including all VFP compatible units 

- Seren™ RF generators and RF matches

- Galil™ PLCs and motion control products

- Advanced Motion Products™ motion control products 

- RSLogix™ compatible hardware

- Alicat™ Mass Flow Controllers 


Clockmaker is designed to support native, invisible optical isolation and has network failover redundancy capability.


As Clockmaker is built on TANGO, all communications occur using open communication protocols and data can be integrated with other systems with a minimum of overhead or code. Code can be written in any language with a TANGO/ØMQ binding; native TANGO/ØMQ bindings are available when using C, C++, Java, or Python. This makes extending your control system as simple as it is flexible.


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