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Rare Earth Metals shape the world we live in.  Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of them are used annually to make motors, solar cells, computer chips, batteries, metal alloys, lubricants, and more.  

Rare earth refinement is done solely in China, increasing cost to the end customer and presenting a political supply risk. The process uses caustic chemicals and releases CO2 and other polutants.  It is highly energy intensive.     

Rare Earths

we can do better.

enter the rarerf platform.

The rareRF platform consists of two complementary products built on the same technology platform:

  • rareRF-R, which takes in oxides and reduces them to pure metal for use in industry, and

  • rareRF-S, which separates lightly refined metal ore into individual oxides

These products, patents pending, utilize knowhow from our work in the semiconductor, medical, and metallurgy industries.

This technology will change the way that rare earths are produced, and we are at the bleeding edge of physics and engineering to make that a reality.

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